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Soletanche Bachy relies on a wide portfolio of techniques to offer you a solution adapted to the constraints of your project.

Our geotechnical and special foundations processes

  • Long-term preservation of existing structures For more than 60 years, Soletanche Bachy has [...]

  • Cost effective continuous walls, and a lot more! The Trenchmix® process is a [...]

  • Supports for all grounds Soletanche Bachy offers you the benefit of its experience [...]

  • Small-diameter columns to improve the soil in-situ Springsol® process can be applied in [...]

  • An agile technique that adapts to the complexity of the project and its environment. Foundations, [...]

  • Soletanche Bachy presents its full range of piles: bored piles. LDA (Large Diameter Auger) piles, [...]

  • Soil-cement columns constructed by erosion Jet grouting is a fairly common technique, but one in [...]

  • Soil-cement columns built by erosion Whether it's a dam and its watertightness, a tunnel and [...]

  • An essential system for the stability of your structures. Soletanche Bachy uses ground anchors for [...]

  • Cost-effective and more eco-friendly structures The Geomix® process uses the soil mixing technique across a [...]

  • Construction technique designed to consolidate and temporarily seal soil (or fractured rock) Soletanche Bachy [...]

  • A Soletanche Bachy expertise A diaphragm wall is a support of excavation technique used by [...]

  • A multi-application technique Soletanche Bachy offers you its full range of Deep Soil Mixing processes [...]

  • This preventive technique is an essential complementary expertise in tunnel construction. Soletanche Bachy [...]

  • The most traditional Soil Mixing process, used for almost 40 years Colmix® technique [...]

  • Soletanche Bachy presents its complete range of piles: continuous flight auger piles. CFA (Continuous Flight [...]

  • Soil consolidation by biocalcification Soletanche Bachy is developing Biocalcis®– a biotechnology capable of [...]

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