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Retaining structures2023-11-08T15:36:49+01:00

Project Description

We help you to carry out vertical excavation in total safety. 

Soletanche Bachy implements retaining structure solutions adapted to your needs, whatever the nature of the soil and the constraints of your work site.

Thanks to our range of unique specialist solutions, our expertise in geotechnics and civil engineering, and our patented tools, Soletanche Bachy can provide the optimal retaining structure solution for your construction project.

Diaphragm walls: Concrete panels to stabilize trenches during excavation

A diaphragm wall is a panel of reinforced concrete poured in the ground. The stability of the trench during boring operations, installing the rebar reinforcement, and concreting is obtained by using a drilling fluid called slurry, which is made using bentonite.

The reinforced concrete cut-off wall can be temporary or permanent, in which case it becomes part of the final structure. Due to its great inertia, a diaphragm wall is very resistant to deformation.

Besides their retaining function, diaphragm walls can act as foundations and provide waterproofing.


PREFA, a brand of Soletanche Bachy Colombia, offers its customers a range of industrialised solutions, adapted to the various construction sectors. It provides its customers with numerous prefabricated concrete products: piles, cut-offs, sheet piles, pipes, new jerseys, box culverts, walls, beams and slabs.

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