Comprehensive expertise in precast concrete

Soletanche Bachy carries out a large number of foundation and underground works using precast concrete solutions: piles, retaining walls, quays, etc. The Group relies on strong in-house expertise and a network of subsidiaries with cutting-edge precast know-how.

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Precast concrete elements offer many advantages, such as an excellent finish quality, thanks to their production in a controlled industrial environment (temperature, formulation, setting, molding, etc.).

They also provide greater control over jobsite operations, as they are not manufactured on site and do not depend on a concrete plant. Time savings are also significant, since prefabricated solutions require no concrete setting time and can be implemented at high production rates. Not to mention that they require less excavation work and less manpower.

Finally, they can be used in a wide range of applications: 

Retaining walls


Foundations for homes



Civil works

Soletanche Bachy’s expertise

Every year, Soletanche Bachy produces:

linear metres of precast piles
m² of precast retaining walls
linear metres of precast segments
linear meters of pipe for microtunnels

precast plants in 5 countries


precast design offices

Our expert subsidiaries


PREFA is based in Colombia and is closely linked to other local business units of the Group that implement these solutions. The team has expertise in concrete casting, and is highly flexible in responding to customers’ specific geometry requirements.

Rodio Kronsa

With over 50 years’ experience, Rodio Kronsa has carried out a large number of precast concrete projects in Spain and Portugal, providing technical assistance to its customers from design to execution.

Roger Bullivant

Specializing in foundations for homes in the UK, Roger Bullivant offers a wide range of precast concrete solutions (piles, pile caps and beams), and installs a colossal number of projects every year. Roger Bullivant relies on its own platforms, in-house design teams and a modern precast plant.


Precast concrete is at the heart of Bessac‘s skills and needs.  Whether for large-diameter tunnel segments, microtunnels or concrete pipes, the supply of prefabricated reinforced concrete parts is essential to the smooth running of projects. Bessac has the ability to transfer its know-how in precast concrete to any project worldwide.

Precast concrete, an environmental solution

Precast concrete elements offer many environmental benefits:

  • Less concrete consumption
  • Reduced concrete volumes (up to -40%)
  • Little risk of run-off
  • No spoil production for piles
  • Fewer transport-related CO2 emissions
  • No need for on-site concrete batching plants or heavy equipment

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