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Cut-off walls2023-11-08T15:04:37+01:00

Project Description

We are experts in groundwater management. 

Soletanche Bachy’s cut-off walls techniques mean we can intervene on all types of structure and every type of soil regardless of its permeability.

They ensure the durability of structures, such as dykes or dams. They also make it possible to confine polluted work areas and lower the level of a water table. Finally, these techniques can be used upstream of a tunnel or gallery project to limit water inflows and settlement.

Grouting: Filling cavities in the ground to protect structures.

This technique enables the cut-off walls or consolidation of the ground or a structure by filling any cavities with grout.

There are many grouting techniques, and their uses vary depending on the required objectives and the nature of the ground. To render foundation ground watertight, dams typically use grouting. Grouting is also used for the protection of structures and for reinforcing their foundations, for filling in former quarries, and for the confinement of materials and terrain that pose a risk for the environment.

To offer a complete range of grouting techniques and to deploy them effectively, Soletanche Bachy has developed its own in-house software called PARIS.

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