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Project Description

We tap into our full range of solutions for your tunnel project.

Through its specialist subsidiaries – Bessac, Soletanche Bachy Tunnels and Rob Carr – Soletanche Bachy controls the entire chain of creation and refurbishment of underground structures, from design to construction and remediation.

Digging tunnels is a specialist activity, involving major works that are often complex and take a great deal of time. It requires specific methods and equipment, plus in-depth knowledge of geotechnics.

In terms of design-build, our offer comprises:

  • Excavation carried out by a tunnel boring machine (TBM) or using traditional methods
  • Tunnel lining
  • Specialist related works

Tunnelling with a TBM or micro-TBM.

This technique can be used for tunnelling applications as varied as, subways, water and sewage pipes, energy, mining, gas and oil, nuclear sites, service tunnels, sea outlets, and so on.

Bessac’s teams of specialists operate worldwide and has a fleet of more than 40 TBMs and micro-TBMs, giving it unrivalled responsiveness.

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Active in Australia and New Zealand, Rob Carr is an expert in microtunnels. It specialises in the construction of water management and sewerage infrastructure and associated civil engineering (shafts, underground pumping stations, etc.).

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Tunnelling using traditional methods (explosives, mechanical excavation, etc.).

This technique is used whenever a TBM cannot be brought in. It involves the design and construction of road and rail tunnels, galleries of all dimensions, shafts, and safety shelters.

Soletanche Bachy Tunnels, specialised in traditional tunnelling offers a wide range of support techniques, providing its clients with turnkey structures including the final lining and fixtures.

It has a wide range of retaining techniques and also offers its customers the possibility of a turnkey structure, with final surfacing and equipment.

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