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Our operating methods2023-11-14T16:47:19+01:00

At Soletanche Bachy, all of our operating methods are geared towards a dual objective: efficiency and high quality.

We are driven by a culture of results: from the worksite team to subsidiary directors, our entire company aims for operational excellence, technical performance and safety.

The worksite comes first

At Soletanche Bachy, everything begins on the worksite. This is at the heart of our activity, our know-how and our expertise. From design to delivery, we lead each project with a requirement for excellence. We are passionate about overcoming technical challenges and completing successful projects.

What is the project process at Soletanche Bachy?

Depending on the nature of the project, national legislation or the role we play, as a specialist subcontractor or general contractor, we adapt our procedures to your needs. For example, we can work proactively with our customers upstream of tenders (Early Contractor Involvement) to scope projects, identify needs and technical or environmental challenges to be addressed.

Local roots and global expertise

No matter how complex your projects, we have a single objective: to find the best construction solution and to implement it as efficiently as possible. To achieve this, we draw on an organisation that makes the most of our local presence and our global response capability:

  • Local means acting quickly and efficiently on the ground, through subsidiaries that have knowledge of the local geology, expertise in the specific characteristics of the market and understanding of your needs.
  • Global means being able to harness the strength of a Group. It is the ability to call on expertise, worksite operational staff and to deploy machines to support our subsidiaries.

Soletanche Bachy International, Soletanche Bachy’s Major Projects subsidiary, strengthens our ability to respond to large-scale projects anywhere in the world. It operates on five continents, either alone or in tandem with local subsidiaries.

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