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Safety is everyone’s business

At Soletanche Bachy, a successful worksite is an incident-free worksite. When it comes to safety, we have one objective: to achieve zero major incidents for our employees and service providers, whether in our offices, on our worksites or on the road.

That’s why safety is at the heart of all our foundation and ground technologies projects, from the call for tenders to site execution, via the design of machines, our technical processes, management… It’s also a culture rooted in the daily behaviour of our teams.

Safety, an essential factor for the successful completion of your structures

For decades, we have been integrating safety into every aspect of our operations:

Behaviour is one of the keys to embedding safety in our culture and day-to-day practices. That’s why we regularly run campaigns to increase our teams’ responsibility and raise awareness of risks and best practices.

Our machines are fully equipped with safety devices. In addition, the design and maintenance of our equipment goes beyond standards and comply with strict requirements worldwide.

Checklists, Prestart meetings, execution procedures, training programmes, etc. We make every effort to create safe working conditions for our teams and service providers and to mobilise our entire company, from the subsidiary directors to operators and works supervisors.

Our major risks

At Soletanche Bachy, major risks are part of our day-to-day work in the field. These risks can be fatal if they are not controlled. That’s why we implement prevention and protection measures on our sites and in our offices, without ever forgetting the major risks associated with our operations. The most common are :

  • Falling objects
  • Falls from height
  • Operating modified equipment
  • Working platform
  • Struck by Moving Equipment

Our safety actions on our worksites

Safety is not only a subject for our worksite operatives. Soletanche Bachy’s managers are responsible for the safety of their teams. They systematically participate in analysing incidents with high potential severity and their performance is assessed on the basis of their safety results. Their local presence is also essential in order to detect malfunctions, to listen to operators and establish mutual trust.

To reinforce the safety culture within the Soletanche Bachy group and encourage our employees to incorporate safety at every stage of our projects, campaigns are rolled out locally, in partnership with VINCI Construction (International Safety Week), with Soletanche Freyssinet, as well as at the level of each business unit, in order to respond to specific safety issues in each country.

Teams from one site regularly visit another site to review safety devices from an external perspective. Representatives from business units also visit other subsidiaries to share their best practices.

All Soletanche Bachy employees, managers and operators receive targeted safety training: “Managing safely”, creation of practical training centres, etc. – we also use virtual reality to train our technicians in handling risky machinery and equipment.

Soletanche Bachy’s subsidiaries conduct an in-depth examination of all incidents, particularly those with high potential severity. Sharing root causes and corrective action plans helps prevent recurrence and improve safety.

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