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Second World War Museum, Poland2023-08-31T14:52:02+02:00

Project Description

Context of the project

A Second World War memorial museum is being built in Gdańsk, Poland, where the war began. The ambitious government-funded project provides for a structure that will be almost completely underground.

Description of the project

In seven months, Soletanche Polska excavated the site. The bottom of the complex project lies 18 metres below the water table and has a residual water flow rate of 20 cu. Metres per hour across the worksite’s 14,600 sq. metre footprint.

Our solution

To limit water ingress in the absence of a waterproofing layer, Soletanche Bachy’s Polish subsidiary designed and delivered a temporary anchored diaphragm wall. Subsequently, 195,000 cu. metres were dredged under water and a temporary underwater concrete plug was then poured. The plug has a volume of 25,000 cu. Metres (1.5 metres thick, with 914 micropiles to permanently anchor the plug reaching a depth 23 metres). It was poured in seven days without interruption at an average rate of 150 cu. metres per hour.

Respectful of the environment and completed with zero accidents, this project illustrates the expertise of the Soletanche Bachy group.

Type of project:

Commercial buildings and real estate


Subsidiary of Soletanche Bachy:

Project owner:

Prime contractor:

Main contractor:

Works period:

07/2012 – 09/2014

Types de techniques :

Paroi moulée

Diaphragm wall



Ground anchor

Key figures of the project

of diaphragm wall (1m thick and 25m deep)
temporary anchors

Relative techniques

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