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Bernardines College, France2023-08-08T12:36:07+02:00

Project Description

Context of the project

Bernardines College in Paris is a building which was built in the XIIIth century and modelled on the Cistercian abbeys and is now a classified Historical Monument. The building was built on recent alluvium from the Seine and has been subject to settlement since it was built. The building has become increasingly fragile over the years, to the point of having serious safety problems, which led to the cellar (lower room) being partially filled from the floor up.

Description of the project

As part of an operation to consolidate and modernise the building, Soletanche Bachy was awarded the work to underpin the foundations enabling the cellar to be cleared.

Our solution

The chosen solution consists in underpinning:

  • each pillar of the cellar (two rows of 16 pillars), by two micropiles sealed in a block created under each pier (100% of the load is transferred by these micropiles),
  • the building’s peripheral walls, by inclined micropiles sealed directly into the brickwork (only a proportion of the load is transferred by these micropiles, and the existing foundations continue to play their role).

The work was accomplished from the building’s cellar, with a low ceiling height and in a fragile and narrow setting.

Type of project:

Commercial buildings and real estate


Subsidiary of Soletanche Bachy:

Project owner / Delegated project owner:

Prime contractor:

H Baptiste Architecte en chef des Monuments historiques

Works period:

11/2003 – 03/2004

Types of techniques:




Key figures of the project

micropiles to reinforce the pillars of the cellar
micropiles to reinforce the peripheral walls

Relative techniques

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