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Jenner stormwater tank, France2023-08-21T12:33:32+02:00

Project Description

Context of the project

The tank was built in the middle of the roundabout at the exit of the Jenner tunnel and is the final part of the anti-flooding programme started by CODAH in 2006, with the Demidoff and Levesque tanks (also built by Soletanche Bachy).

Description of the project

The project includes the construction of a circular underground storage tank, comprising a diaphragm wall of 50m diameter and 35m deep.

The diaphragm wall is anchored in the clay at a depth of 43m. It used 26 panels.

Our solution

The diaphragm wall was excavated using a Hydrofraise® Evolution 5 to dig through the gaize (sandstone 8m thick and 30m deep), while maintaining a verticality of 0.3%.

The nature of the site also made the use of the Hydrofraise® necessary, as the diaphragm wall was constructed in the middle of a roundabout in the centre of Le Havre. This meant truck comings and goings had to be kept toa minimum, which was made possible by pumping the spoil directly from the digging tool to the treatment plant.

The size of the site also meant the bentonite plant had to be moved 70m, on the other side of the roundabout, with the piping routed via a pipe-rack.

With this organisation, the diaphragm wall was completed on schedule in 12 weeks. Four test micropiles were installed with a depth of 65m to test the characteristics of the strata at depth.

When tank excavation was completed and the diaphragm wall built, 520 micropiles were installed to anchor the raft in the sand. The micropiles were designed by the Soletanche Bachy design office to transfer compression stress (when the tank is full) and traction stress (uplift from the groundwater under the raft). The micropiles used Gewi® bars of diameter 63 or 75mm. The grid is about 2m by 2m.

  • Bassin Jenner en paroi moulée
  • Ferraillage du radier au bassin Jenner

Type of project:

Water and sewage

Water and sewage



Subsidiary of Soletanche Bachy:

Project owner:

Prime contractor:



Works period:

09/2008 – 07/2009

Types of techniques:

Diaphragm wall

Diaphragm wall



Chiffres-clés du projet

micropiles (25m depth)
diaphragm wall panels (43m depth)
0 weeks
for the completion of diaphragm wall works

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