Project Description

Context of the project

Soletanche Bachy was contracted to construct as a main contractor an underground car park under Marseille’s Place d’Arvieux. The car park is located between two office blocks and a metro tunnel.

Description of the project

Soletanche Bachy France built as a main contractor a cylindrical underground car park comprising 7 basement levels.

Our solution

The structure is a cylinder of 40 m diameter comprising the following:

  • a circular diaphragm wall, excavated to a depth of 28m, in a marl soil,
  • a cylindrical, reinforced concrete central core 22m high, housing the vertical connections,
  • a continuous helical ramp running down 7 levels and carried on radial beams, with about 40 parking spaces for light vehicles on each level on either side of the two-way ramp,
  • a cover slab supporting the new architectural features and a new road across the square.

The technical and secondary work was carried out after completion of the associated works (ventilation shafts, lift, operations room).

Type of project:

Car park

Car park



Filiale de Soletanche Bachy : 

Project owner:

EPA Euroméditerranée

Prime contractor:

Groupement Atelier du Prado (architect) / Arcadis ESG (engineering) / Ma Studio (lighting designer)

Works period:

07/2006 – 07/2008

Types of techniques:

Diaphragm wall

Diaphragm wall

Civil engineering

Civil engineering

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Key figures of the project

depth for the diaphragm wall

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