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Equality Plan by Soletanche Bachy: make it happen!

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For Soletanche Bachy, diversity is a source of motivation and progress. We want to integrate diverse talents on a long-term basis. Thus, women have their rightful place in our foundations and ground technologies businesses. However, we understand there may be barriers that could be perceived to hold employees, especially women, back in their careers or turn them away from our professions. On the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, discover Equality, Soletanche Bachy’s plan to welcome employees from diverse backgrounds and increase the place of women into our subsidiaries, and to give them the best working conditions and career opportunities.

What is Equality Plan?

Equality by Soletanche Bachy is the worldwide roll-out in our subsidiaries of a programme initiated by VINCI Construction in France, which has two objectives: to increase the place of women into our subsidiaries and to offer the best working conditions and carrier opportunities to all our employees. As part of this programme, each subsidiary of our group must build its own action plan for 2023-2025, by deploying concrete initiatives adapted to its environment, for each of the pillars of the Equality Plan. This action plan is aimed to be shared with all the employees of the subsidiary so that everyone can make it their own. It can be enriched or updated over time if necessary.


Equality by Soletanche Bachy is a global approach based on 4 pillars:

  • Generate vocations: To attract and retain more women in our companies, at all levels.
    This is the first observation: the opportunities offered by our business sector are sometimes poorly known, particularly by women, who do not consider it attractive. As a result, few women apply for our job offers.
    What actions should be taken?

    • Dedicated presentations in schools, universities
    • Partnerships with associations that promote technical professions for all
    • Internal and external communications, through testimonials, portraits, pictures, etc


  • Guarantee equity: To get rid of biases in our human resources management and constantly measure the impact of our actions
    Even if there is a clear policy on non-discrimination, it is essential to check the reality of our companies, as indirect biases can influence decisions to offer a position, mobility or evaluate performance.
    What actions should be taken?

    • Inclusive and robust recruitment processes, based on objective criteria to avoid discrimination
    • Monitoring and analysis of equality statistics (pay, appraisals, training, promotions, resignation rates, etc.)
    • Appropriate remuneration policy for all parental leave


  • Shape our work environment: To provide a respectful environment for all employees without distinction, one that values diversity of ideas.
    Contrary to what one might think, it is not up to women who choose to work in the construction sector to adapt to current codes, but to our companies to transform mentalities to create a healthy and respectful work environment for all.
    What actions should be taken?

    • A clear policy against discrimination, sexism, and harassment
    • Dedicated channels for reporting situations
    • Awareness-raising actions
    • Including specificities related to women for example in our health prevention actions


  • Unlock potentials: To give all employees the means to develop themselves
    For various reasons, some women may find it difficult to express their ambition or lack confidence, despite having the same skills and potential as men.
    What actions should be taken?


    • Encourage exchange and provide support and listening
    • Offer coaching when taking on new responsibilities
    • Networking and mentoring programmes


We are convinced that the Equality plan is essential throughout our company, in subsidiaries where women already play an important role as well as in those where they are still under-represented. Everywhere in the company, in every country, there are actions to be taken.

We hold all the cards to make our jobs more attractive to women and enable them to succeed.

It’s up to us !

Diversity at Soletanche Bachy


Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion are key issues for our organisation. Through the Equality Plan, we aim to continuously strengthen our culture of fairness, inclusion, and respect, but also to act against discrimination. Our goal is to ensure that everyone is treated fairly, equitably and with respect for their background and experience.



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