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Completion of support and foundation works for a property development in the Canary Islands

On behalf of Residencial Las Américas, Rodio Kronsa has completed the foundation and retaining works for a 422-unit residential complex in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias. The work, which began in April, was completed by our teams at the end of 2023.

Work on this project, located on an 8,400 m² site, began with the perimeter foundation of the building using 304 Rodiostar® piles with a diameter of 620 mm and a depth of between 14 and 29 m, totalling 5,583 linear metres.

Rodio Kronsa’s teams then produced the capping beam and the reaction beams. Rodio Kronsa’s design office paid particular attention to the dimensions of the different types of beam and their connections, to ensure that the geometric dimensions required by the building’s architecture were respected at all times.

Other work carried out by Rodio Kronsa’s teams includes:

  • 127,000 m3 of excavation
  • 5,200 m of temporary anchors 165 mm in diameter and between 15 and 28 m long with loads ranging from 40 to 100 t
  • 5,250 m² of shotcrete 2 to 15 cm thick

Well done to the Rodio Kronsa teams, who managed to complete this project in a very short space of time, while adopting a strict safety policy on site.

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