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GEO takes on challenges on the Cine Colombia project

Soletanche Bachy Colombia, through its GEO brand, has just completed the foundation works for the headquarters of Cine Colombia in Usaquén, Bogota. The project, which features a mix of modern and traditional architecture and will offer a wide range of gastronomic and entertainment options, represented a real technical challenge at all levels.

The very nature of the project (a new construction on an existing building), the complex behaviour of the soils on which the micropile foundations were built, the construction of robust barrette-type piles in a very small area, the complex architecture required by the client with triple-height staircase slabs, the tight construction deadlines and a large number of interferences, made this project a great challenge in terms of planning and execution.

The project in figures:

  • Volume of concrete: 4,400 m3

  • Quantity of steel: 900 tonnes

  • Total surface area: 1,800 m²

The project’s biggest challenges:

  • Presence of artesianism: careful groundwater management was required to avoid stability problems during the various drilling and excavation operations.
  • Limited space: the project has been developed in an urban area where space is very limited.
  • Integration with the existing structure: thanks to the designs developed, the technical team ensured that the new structure was compatible with the original building.

Solutions to meet these challenges:

  • BOP (blow-out preventer) drilling: this technique made it possible to work in the presence of artesian pressures without affecting the stability of the ground, and to guarantee the equipment, filling and injection of the micropiles.
  • Micropiles: reinforcing the existing structure so that it becomes the origin of the new superstructure.
  • Optimised construction methodology, minimising the impact on the urban environment by reducing construction time.

The strengths of the project:


  • Carbon footprint calculator: a carbon footprint calculator was introduced at the tender stage to assess and mitigate environmental impact.


  • BIM technology: BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology was used for the planning, design and execution of the project.

The renovation of Cine Colombia’s headquarters in Usaquén is an innovative and sustainable project that uses the latest technologies to minimise environmental impact and offer customers a high-quality experience.

At Soletanche Bachy Colombia, we continue to participate in the country’s most important construction projects through our commercial brands, demonstrating our leadership, value engineering and operational excellence in every construction challenge.

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