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The Calle 100 project in Bogotá enters its final phase

Soletanche Bachy Colombia, the country’s undisputed leader in foundations, is participating in one of Bogotá D.C.’s most important road mobility projects through its commercial brands Soletanche Bachy Cimas and SB PREFA.

Located in the north of the capital, at the intersection of Avenida Suba and calle 100 (100th street), the project involves the construction of a connecting bridge for the articulated buses of Transmilenio, the city of Bogotá’s bus system. Carried out on behalf of the district in collaboration with CONCONCRETO, our client, the work will enable more than a million people to benefit from greater fluidity in the city’s road transport system.

The project includes the foundations of three sections, where we installed 1,436 Hincasol® walls and 309 precast piles, with a 92% completion rate in February.

Underpass Calle 100, Bogota

There is no doubt that this project represents a real technical challenge due to the complexity of the site, which handles thousands of vehicles every day and whose avenue is considered one of the most important in the city. Hincasol® precast prestressed walls were used to support the underpass. Reinforced precast piles were used for the bridge supports, the foundations of the underpass portal system and the foundations of the underpressure slabs.

In addition to our techniques, it is important to emphasise the important role played by digital technology in this operation. Sharing the day-to-day progress of the work online enabled the customer to view the progress of the project in real time, thanks to BIM modelling. Similarly, the Digital Twins programme enabled us to identify any problems early on and take action in good time, thereby guaranteeing the project’s profitability.

We are currently in the home stretch of the project. Engineering, operational excellence, the quality of our techniques and the support of our customers allow us to continue to build a better country through our commercial brands, which continue to carry the Soletanche Bachy Colombia name high.

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