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September 22nd, 2021

All mobilized for the VINCI Environment Day

At Soletanche Bachy, we are committed to an ambitious trajectory to reduce our environmental impact, and today, September 22, we are reaffirming our commitment and celebrating the Environment Day together.

Soletanche Bachy has launched an Environmental Action Plan both pragmatic and local, which focuses on concrete and targeted actions: reducing fuel consumption, lowering the volumes of cement used and waste recycling and reuse.

Here below is the message from Christophe Dauchy, Soletanche Bachy CEO, on our environmental approach.

“Hello everyone,

We launched an ambitious Environmental action plan back in January 2020. All our BUs have produced a local action plan on environment, which they have implemented gradually over the course of 2020 and 2021.

This is an ambitious plan focusing on 3 pillars: first, reduce our fuel consumption, second, reduce our cement usage and finally improve the management and recycling of our waste. For each of these 3 themes, we have concrete examples of course: everyone knows about the electric power packs for the Hydrofraises®, and the Eco-mode which is getting installed systematically on all our machines. Regarding cement, this is a very important point, as a major part of our carbon footprint is due to our cement consumption. Here again, we have been ambitious. EXEGY, the label used across VINCI group that we decide to make our own and use on our worksites, is a great example of this. Finally, on waste management, I saw for myself here on Line 14 all the efforts made to recycle, sort and minimise our waste.

Some of you may wonder why we launched such an ambitious environmental plan in Soletanche Bachy. For Soletanche Bachy, environment is key for the future of our business and activities. This is also an opportunity for us to target new markets, to convince new clients and differentiate ourselves from our competitors. As a world leader in foundations and soil technologies, we have the capacity, through our ideas, our activities and our motivation, to develop new environmental solutions and contribute positively to a more sustainable world. Our Environmental action plan at Group level and the actions plans created by our BUs will help us do so. Each and every one of us can be active and make a difference.

Above all, we must be concrete and pragmatic in the way we tackle environment. Our approach must be carried out on our worksites, in our offices and workshops and yards. Each and everyone of you must get involved.

Thank you”

Great Environment Day to all!

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