For your projects, you can rely on Soletanche Bachys foundation

solutions and soil technologies.

Whether as a general contractor or specialist subcontractor, we work alongside you for the construction all types of infrastructure worldwide: bridges, roads, rail lines, tunnels, dams, mines, buildings, ports, etc.

Our markets

Our markets



Soletanche Bachy is a leader in the construction of dams. Thanks to our knowledge of soils and structures in contact with water and our extensive experience, we can offer a wide range of high-performance geotechnical solutions adapted to our clients’ needs and the specifics of their hydroelectric structures, including surveys, cut-off walls, consolidation, and drainage.

Discover the markets of Soletanche Bachy Discover the markets of Soletanche Bachy

A full range of techniques and procedures

Soletanche Bachy develops the geotechnical solutions that are best suited to your project and your worksite, including deep foundations, reinforcing, waterproof cut-off walls and ground treatment, retaining structures, civil engineering, ground improvement, and tunnels.

Our techniques

Our techniques


Ground improvement

We ensure the longevity of your structures – even on poor quality soils and in earthquake zones.

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