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Works on the M’dez dam in Morocco continue

Solsif Maroc’s teams are in charge of the consolidation and the cut-off walls of this new structure.

The M’dez dam is located on Lake Sebou, 58 km southeast of the town of Sefrou, in the vicinity of the town of Fez. This 109-m high liner embankment dam, and with a capacity of 700 million m3, will permit, as part of the preservation of the Saiss plain, to capture water resources from surplus areas and then redistribute water to areas under development or experiencing a rainfall deficit.

This is why, in 2017, the Moroccan Ministry of Equipment called on Solsif Maroc (a subsidiary of Soletanche Bachy) to carry out the consolidation and cut-off walls work on this large-scale structure, which is essential for the proper development of the region.

For this purpose, Solsif Maroc will have to drill 70,000 ml and 14,000 m3 of grout.

We are currently midway, with the completion of the consolidation work. Next step, start work on the cut-off wall and underground clamping.

We are very pleased to be involved in the development of this structure and we hope this is a first step towards new projects of this magnitude.

The project is scheduled to end in mid-2021.

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