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October 8th, 2021

Soletanche Bachy France and Soletanche Bachy Fondations Spéciales all set to build the Saint-Denis aquatic centre

Construction of the aquatic center’s foundations and an underground footbridge.

As part of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the commune of Saint-Denis will be hosting swimming events in the Olympic Aquatics Centre (CAO – Centre Aquatique Olympique). The design, build and operation of the CAO are being carried out by the Simbala consortium, for which Bouygues is the lead contractor. It is located opposite the Stade de France, currently separated by the A1 motorway and Avenue Wilson. The designers have therefore devised a footbridge to connect the Stade de France and the CAO.

The Olympic-scale aquatics centre is an ambitious urban project, meeting IOC specifications and able to accommodate up to 6000 spectators. After the games, this world-class sports facility will provide a place where everyone can meet and practice sport and will become an integral part of Seine-Saint-Denis’s urban landscape.

The Bouygues Construction civil engineering and public works divisions have awarded the foundation works for the aquatics centre as well as its crossing over the A1 motorway to Soletanche Bachy Fondations Spéciales.

Réalisation de pieux Starsol pour les fondations du bâtiment

The structure will rest on around 500 Starsol® foundation piles between 52cm and 102cm in diameter. The worksite, which was supplied by two workshops over a six-week period, is now complete.

Soletanche Bachy France has also been selected to carry out the foundation work for one of the piers of the footbridge, located in the ground beneath the Stade de France.

A total of 33 micropiles will be used to support the footbridge with the stipulation that they must not generate any parasitic forces on the stadium’s existing foundations. Soletanche Bachy France will soon be bringing in a Hi’drill® drill rig to carry out the work, before events resume in the stadium.

The work will be completed at the end of October.

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