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June 21st, 2021

Soletanche Bachy Canada completes major Project Milestone for LNG Canada Project in Kitimat

A celebratory mood reigned in Kitimat on April 20th, as Soletanche Bachy Canada (SB Canada) installed the final Pile of the K006 Project. It has been a concerted effort over the last 16 months by SB Canada to deliver the first major milestone of the LNG Canada project in Kitimat, British Columbia. On April 20th the final Pile of Phase I was driven during a ceremony attended by our Client, the Owner, as well as representatives from the local town and First Nations. SB Canada has been successful on K006 to install 4,872 piles with 184,795 man hours and making 2,955 critical lifts with no LTI’s since the first pile was driven on January 28, 2020.


In the breathtaking setting of the Coastal Mountains of Northern British Columbia, a work site is underway that is unique in Canada:  the construction of a massive liquefied natural gas plant and export terminal.  The project is awe inspiring with a footprint larger than 600 city blocks, over 4500 workers, and larger than life infrastructure installation underway.  SB Canada is proud to be involved with this exciting project that’s on track for completion by the middle of this decade.

The scope carried out by SB Canada was bold and ambitious which made the delivery all the more significant for the Project.  Schedules were met, and a perfect safety record was achieved, despite the works being carried out over 2 harsh winter seasons and a global pandemic.

SB Canada was awarded 2 “Safest Contractor” awards during the duration of our time onsite and at the award presentation on April 27th the Client’s HSE Director was very impressed with our safety performance and commended us on our safety record.  These awards are a testament to the successful efforts made by all stakeholders to achieve the project target of Incident and Injury Free on the “Safest Project on Earth”.

SB Canada would not have been able to undertake this project, without the hard work of our subsidiary, Berminghammer Foundation Equipment. As a project requirement, only fixed leads were permitted for driven pile installation. This inspired Berminghammer to engineer and fabricate several new H36 VTL systems which would be coupled with a Liebherr 1300 330T crawler crane. These lead systems are the largest in Canada and will help position us ahead of the industry during the Phase II procurement stage.

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