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Rodio Kronsa builds the Ikon tower in Valencia in Spain

From the end of April, Rodio Kronsa has been carrying out earthmoving and foundation works for Kronos Homes, for the construction of a new residential tower.

Designed by architect Ricardo Bofill, this 29-storey tower in Valencia will be the tallest residential building in the city. In addition to the earthmoving, Rodio Kronsa is responsible for the foundation works for the building using Rodiostar® piles, anchors, prefabricated and civil engineering works.

The site teams face a number of challenges during this project: a very tight timeframe, the presence of many specialisms all at the same time, as well as working in close proximity to service networks.

The works are currently in the execution phase of the Rodiostar® pile wall (an equivalent of Starsol® piles).

The works are expected to be finished by the end of December 2020.

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