Soletanche Bachy at the European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ECSMGE)

Soletanche Bachy's teams took part in the European ECSMGE Conference, held in Reykjavik (Iceland) on 1st to 6th September. The programme included a presentation of technical papers to the main European geotechnical players.


After the United Kingdom in 2015, the ECSMGE Conference (European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering) was held this year in Iceland, where more than 1,000 professionals in the soil trades attended the event in the first week of September.

Soletanche Bachy participated in this 17th edition. It was an opportunity to demonstrate the Group’s high level of expertise and leadership, since the Group’s experts and BUs presented technical papers on the following topics:

  • A parametric study of the impact of deep excavation on existing buildings, by Urszula Tomczak (Soletanche Polska)
  • Numerical back-analysis of a monitored deep excavation in Budapest considering time dependency of wall deformations, by Attila Sezpeshazi (HBM)
  • Aspects of design and monitoring of deep excavations – a case study, by Önder Akçakal, Ali Günay, Ogan Sevim, Selim İkiz and H. Fatih Kulaç (Zetaş)
  • Overview of the dual foundation system of the Dubai Creek Tower, by Gustavo Pereira et Florian Rodriguez Quet (Group)
  • Performance and modelling of a deep excavation in the context of the Grand Paris project, by Aymeric Boffa and Paul Vidil (Eurofrance)
  • Design of deep supported excavations: comparison between real behavior and predictions based on the subgrade coefficient method, by Tomasz Daktera, Pierre Schmitt, Thierry Jeanmaire (Group) and Laure Delva (Eurofrance)
  • A new type of pile: the shaft grouted driven concrete pile (SGDCP), by José Luis Arcos Álvarez, Carlos Cano Barreiro et Rafael Gil Lablanca (Rodio Kronsa)