Rodio swissboring´s 60th Anniversary

A look back at 60 years of history and expertise in Central America


The company was originally established in El Salvador in 1959 as Swissboring Overseas Corp. Ltd., part of the Rodio Group with its holding company in Zurich. During the first couple of decades, the company specialized mainly in geotechnical and mineral exploration drilling and grouting works, participating in the construction of most of the main hydroelectrical projects built in the Central American area. In 1969 the company headquarters was moved to Guatemala City where it is based to this day.

The 90´s represented a big step forward in the company, expanding its services into new specialties such as slope stability works (soil nailing) and rotary pilling.

During that period of time and in the early 2000´s, the company also expanded geographically, by acquiring Bachy Fundaciones in Panama from Soletanche Bachy France, and opening offices with permanent operations in Costa Rica, Honduras and later in Nicaragua, consolidating its presence and leadership throughout Central America in the geotechnical fields.

Since then, the company has kept growing and expanding its areas of expertise in specialized civil engineering works such as highway underpass constructions, marine works, tunneling and soil improvement, the last two in conjunction with Bessac and Menard respectively.

A very important turning point for the company was 2015, when Soletanche Freyssinet gained full control of the company, integrating Rodio Swissboring fully to Soletanche Bachy´s group.