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New contract for housing project in Hong Kong

Bachy Soletanche Group Limited was awarded a new foundations contract by the Housing Authority of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on the last day of November 2022. The site is located on San Kwai Street, in the Kwai Chung district.

This foundation contract includes 34 large-diameter bored piles, micropiles, sheet piling, excavation and lateral support work, as well as pile heads, all to be completed within a very tight 11-month timeframe. Most of the work will cover an area measuring around 100 m x 35 m.

One of the challenges of the project is to construct 22 micropiles in the middle of a steep slope reinforced with soil nails. A temporary wooden platform made of tree trunks will provide the working space required for a drilling rig and associated equipment. This solution is commonly used in Hong Kong.

How to overcome site constraints?

Thorough, detailed pre-planning of site logistics, installations and the various site activities and their sequencing is essential for the successful management of a congested construction site. This is particularly the case when a significant part of the site is identified as a drainage zone, where access must be maintained at all times and construction activities are prohibited.

The execution of micropiles in the middle of a slope with steel soil nails is another challenge in this project.

Where do we stand?

Work is progressing on schedule, and crews are currently concentrating their efforts on the large-diameter bored piles, which are over 80% complete. In addition, the design of the wooden platform has been approved, and construction was completed in May 2023. A drilling rig was then hoisted onto the platform in the middle of the slope to construct the 22 micropiles. The micropiles and bored piles were started at the end of May 2023, and were more than 10% complete after 2 weeks of work.

Finally, we will continue our efforts to ensure the health and safety of all personnel on site and in the offices.

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