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In Cannes, BESSAC makes headway under the boulevard de la Croisette!

BESSAC, leader of a consortium comprising subsidiaries of NGE and Razel-Bec, has been engaged in the construction of a DN 1600 mm microtunnel sewer under the legendary boulevard since the beginning of 2023: the project involves restructuring its wastewater network by creating a deep gravity sewer.

2100 ml of microtunnels out of the 2300 ml of the 1600 mm diameter pipeline have been completed to date!

Since February, three of the four sections of the structure have already been excavated, mobilizing two workshops: the first challenge was met, that of meeting deadlines, which required the mobilization of two microtunnel boring machines named “La Belle Otéro” and “Eléanore” in reference to the 7th art, who worked under the windows of the palaces with 2 production stations.

The presence of luxury hotels and stores, as well as the film festival in May and numerous other events throughout the year, were the site’s main constraints. Clearly identified at the tender stage, the site was able to manage them perfectly: camouflage for the site installations, hidden under the shelter of local-colored tarpaulins (palm trees, beach, deckchairs, etc.), all acoustically improved to remain as unobtrusive as possible.

From a technical point of view, section no. 2 was the project’s main technical challenge: a 720 m long section with its share of curves, was successfully completed from the very beginning. Since then, numerous sections were completed, under the Quai Saint-Pierre and close to the Palais des Festivals, without any impact on these sensitive structures, with the machines progressing at the planned rate of 15 m/day: Quite a performance!

Excavation of the structure is nearing completion. The 4th and final episode is underway, with 400 ml of the 650 already drilled. The final stage should be completed in early December, with the last outing of “La Belle Otéro” in Cannes.

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