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January 10th, 2022

Victor Trophies: safety and the environment are key issues at Soletanche Bachy

Throughout the year, Soletanche Bachy’s teams are mobilised to implement actions in the field of safety and the environment, which are two key subjects for our Group. Find out more about the winners of the Victor Safety and Victor Environment awards, which reward the subsidiaries that have implemented the best initiatives!

Soletanche Bachy’s corporate culture

Safety and the environment are two major pillars of Soletanche Bachy’s corporate culture. They have a direct influence on the way we carry out our foundations and soil technologies activities on a daily basis.

We have made strong commitments at Group level on these two subjects:

  • Safety: zero accidents for our employees and subcontractors
  • Environment: to reduce our CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030 (on scopes 1 and 2)

But as always at Soletanche Bachy, in terms of the environment and safety, our commitment is first and foremost on our worksites and in the teams of our subsidiaries. Because we believe that this is how we can provide relevant solutions on the ground, as close as possible to the field and to our markets.

The Victor Awards to recognise our most dynamic subsidiaries in safety and the environment

Every year since 2001, we have been rewarding the subsidiary that has proposed and implemented the best health and safety initiatives with its teams, by giving it the Victor Safety Award.

To mark the growing importance of the environment at Soletanche Bachy, in 2021 we have launched the Victor Environmental Award for the first time, which is also given to the subsidiary that has proposed the most impactful environmental actions.

How does the Victor Award work?

The rules are simple: throughout the year, each subsidiary reports its various actions to the Group. At the end of the year, the Group’s QSE and the members of the Management Committee vote the subsidiary that has implemented effective, innovative actions that can be deployed anywhere in the world on our worksites, or in our offices and workshops. Once the winners have been selected, a trophy is presented to them during a local seminar.


The 2021 winners

Picture of Soletanche Bachy Peru's winning team

Congratulations to the Soletanche Bachy Perú team, which received the Victor Safety Award for its numerous actions in favour of health and safety:

  • Prevention campaigns against COVID 19,
  • Implementation of training programmes and innovative safety awareness campaigns,
  • ISO certifications

Congratulations to Soletanche Bachy Colombia, for its Victor Environmental Award, which rewards its work in favour of the environment:

  • Redevelopment of its PREFA plant to reduce its environmental impact: use of 14,000 m3 of recycled materials for the assembly of the platform, creation of green spaces, reduction of emissions by replacing coal with liquefied petroleum gas in the boiler,
  • Use of concrete waste to avoid extraction of raw materials,
  • Replacement of the projects’ fuel-based lighting installations with solar-powered equipment,
  • Staff training work

Picture of Soletanche Bachy Colombia's winning team

The deliberation was not easy. All of Soletanche Bachy’s subsidiaries were involved and implemented numerous concrete initiatives at local level, adapted to their needs and duplicable in other countries.


Congratulations to all for this commitment, which is only the beginning of a long series!


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