The TA 2020 anchors, is now available

On February 6, 2020, during the CFMS scientific and technical day, the professional rules concerning the design, calculation, execution, control and monitoring of TA2020 anchors were presented.

On this occasion, our experts, Paul Vidil, Basile Leconte and Yves Legendre who were among the group of experts who drew up the TA2020s, further demonstrating the involvement of Soletanche Bachy in the French and international geotechnical community, via knowledge dissemination and contributions to standardisation.

In front of nearly 200 people, our experts spoke on the following topics:

  • Paul Vidil: “Summary of main developments.”
  • Basile Leconte: “Protection against anchor corrosion: changes from 1995 to 2020.” (with P. Mercier from Spie Batignolles foundations)
  • Pierre-Benoit Passot: “The new destructible pre-stressed anchor.” (with Cyril Gaucherand from Freyssinet)

All the presentations are available in PDF format and on video from the CFMS website.

The text of the TA2020s can be downloaded here.

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