We ensure the longevity of new structures, whatever the soil type.

Soletanche Bachy offers a range of reinforcing solutions which allow you to build new structures while preserving the robustness of the nearby constructions, and to consolidate your existing structures.

Reprise en sous oeuvre

Reinforcing techniques can be used as part repair work, notably for problems involving hydrology (pumping from the water table, drought, etc.) that might lead to subsidence beneath surface buildings.


In the case of new construction close to existing structures, reinforcing can limit the subsidence caused by work on the new structure, preserving the robustness of existing structures.


Whether for new-build or repair, Soletanche Bachy can draw on a wide portfolio of reinforcing techniques to offer you a solution adapted to the constraints of your project.

The advantages of Soletanche Bachy

The advantages of Soletanche Bachy

  • A range of solutions to meet all your needs: a solution adapted for each project
  • Expertise in construction methods and in local geology
  • Complete knowledge of geotechnics

Implementation methods