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Soletanche Bachy continues its commitment as sponsor of the latest intake of students at ENSG in Nancy

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On December 10, the graduating students of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie de Nancy, of which Soletanche Bachy is the sponsor, received their diplomas. A look back at this long-standing partnership, as beneficial to the school as it is to the company.

After the sponsorship of the class of 1999, Soletanche Bachy and the ENSG of Nancy reaffirm with this new edition the historical links that have united them for several decades. There is, of course, our shared interest in the material we work with… the ground beneath our feet. But above all, it is the long-term sharing of an historic bond between our two entities, which are united in their uncompromising commitment to excellence, robust science and innovation.

During the graduation ceremony, Nicolas Utter, our Design Manager for the Eurofrance Area, also reminded the new graduates about what makes geotechnical engineering particularly special: the fact that many more solutions are arrived at by observing the behaviour of engineered structures than in increasingly sophisticated finite element models.

More than 20 years of collaboration and partnership with the ENSG Nancy

In total, more than 70 ENSG graduates have joined the Soletanche Bachy Group. To name just two of the illustrious names that have marked the company’s development: Daniel Viargues, former Managing Director of the Eurofrance Area, and Philippe Lefort, the former Head of Major Projects.

Two members of the intake sponsored by Soletanche Bachy have recently joined our teams. Ruihan and Lionnel both feature in videos talking about their time at the ENSG and their recent recruitment by Soletanche Bachy.

Soletanche Bachy, a founding member of the Géol Nancy Foundation

Soletanche Bachy confirms its commitment to supporting the school in its development, at the service of students and their relations with the world of work, by being one of the five founding companies* of the brand new structure GEOL NANCY. Launched on December 10th and hosted by the ID+ Lorraine Foundation, the action of the foundation will focus on four strategic priorities:

  • Supporting developmental changes in learning, and the development of new programmes;
  • Providing funding for engineering students and promoting social openness;
  • Funding the acquisition of equipment and platforms for learning;
  • Raising awareness of the graduate school, and promoting its reputation, attractiveness and influence.

In fact, a new scientific and technical platform is already under construction. This hi-tech demonstrator will be fully equipped with systems and resources to help students learn the full range of soil and subsoil monitoring techniques, from data acquisition and processing through data interpretation to modelling.

Supporting students as they learn about our specialist skills is the best way to develop and recruit tomorrow’s most talented people

Soletanche Bachy is an active contributor to the process of channelling knowledge via a large number of educational institutions.

Our goals are: Contribute to the teaching of best practices, promote the richness of our professions to awaken vocations, and support the emergence of the talents of tomorrow! Our teams are committed to hosting internships and work-study programs, giving tours of our sites, providing testimonials, particularly from women engineers, offering VIE opportunities, offering courses taught by our experts, and forming partnerships with institutions such as the ENSG in Nancy. All over the world, our teams bring their expertise in soil technologies and foundations, and their contribution to the training of future engineers.

Are you interested in joining a Soletanche Bachy Group company? You will find all our job opportunities by clicking on this link.

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