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How to innovate with micropiles? Single-stage immediate post grouting

Finding new innovations in relation to micropiles, when everything has already been defined in standards and guides, might seem like a challenge. Yet this is what has been done with the single-stage immediate post grouting process which is the culmination of a Soletanche Bachy project which aimed, firstly, to improve the construction quality of grouted micropiles and, secondly, to increase the efficiency of micropile production.

The national standard implementing Eurocode 7 for deep foundations, NF P94-262, defines four types of micropiles: type I and II (gravity fill), type III IGU (post grouting single stage) and type IV IRS (post grouting multi stage).

However, the performance of type III micropiles is clearly the most variable in terms of axial friction, since they are highly dependent on the waiting time between filling the grout sheath and injecting a second pressurised grout into the borehole.

This article concerns a new type of micropile proposed by Soletanche Bachy, called a single-stage immediate post grouting (ISU – Injection de Serrage Unitaire) micropile, which eliminates that waiting time and improves the resistance of the grouted micropiles. This new process is particularly effective combined with self-drilling and Hi’Drill® techniques.

This innovation is the subject of Specific Specifications, initially validated by Bureau Veritas, then assessed and validated by Ifsttar and Cerema. Finally, we should add that this process recently received the VINCI innovation award in the Greater Paris region in the “processes and techniques” category.

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