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September 20th, 2021

ForSHORE BY Balineau: successful completion of the modernisation work on the AGPA oil terminal in Rouen

Six new dolphins built in record time for HAROPA-Port of Rouen.

Following on from the maritime access improvement programme, the port of Rouen – located on the strategic axis of the Seine, between Paris and Le Havre – has launched a worksite to modernise the Grand Aulnay wharf operated by Rubis Terminal, a European leader in the distribution of liquid energy products and bulk storage of liquids.

As part of this project, Balineau has been awarded the contract to construct six new mono-tubular dolphins, metal tubes anchored in the ground to allow the berthing and mooring of vessels.

To do this, Balineau needed to implement exceptional pile-driving capacities. The 82-tonne, 34.5m long and 2200mm diameter tubes were driven using a pontoon crane and an IHC S250 hydraulic hammer capable of applying up to 250 kJ of energy.

The work was completed on 2 August 2021, in a record time of one month, minimising the period the oil terminal was non-operational. These dolphins will increase the terminal’s berthing and loading/unloading capacities. Long-range vessels will now be able to be accommodated, including oil and chemical tankers up to 230m long with a loading capacity of around 53,500 tonnes.

A new great contribution of Balineau for our references in dolphin within the brand ForSHORE!

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