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March 11th, 2022

2022 Public Works Awards – Congratulations to the Soletanche Bachy nominees

On 24 February, the Investir la Transition Écologique (“Investing in the Ecological Transition”) forum was held at the Grand Palais Ephémère in Paris, in partnership with Le Moniteur newspaper and the Fédération National des Travaux Publics (FNTP – French National Federation of Public Works). During the event, the FNTP presented the innovation awards for the best environmental initiatives.

Success for Exegy in its category

In the “Implementation of low-carbon materials” category, the award was won by Exegy low-carbon grout and concrete solution from Vinci Construction. A great success, shared in by Soletanche Bachy which is also developing the trademark for foundation applications.

Electric Hydrofraise® to reduce fuel-oil consumption

The Soletanche Bachy’s Group Technical Department presented the electric Hydrofraise® in the “Sobriety and decarbonisation of machinery” category. This innovation reduces one of our main sources of fuel-oil consumption, which alone is responsible for 90% of our direct CO2 emissions. By powering the machines directly from the electricity network, noise pollution is also reduced by three quarters.

Power pack électrique sur une Hydrofraise® HC05

Power pack électrique sur une Hydrofraise®


The circular wall without reinforcement – the diaphragm wall with sustainable credentials

In the “Worksite Organisation and Logistics” category, the Soletanche Bachy France design office submitted the diaphragm wall with no reinforcement from the L15 Grand Paris Express worksite, which reduces the quantities of steel and concrete needed. This eco-design is the result of collective work. It was not only supported by the Horizon consortium’s partner, but was also validated by the project management, which welcomed this environmental variant.

Paroi circulaire sans armature

Soletanche Bachy is very proud of these innovations, which provide practical solutions to meet the environmental challenges facing us, and which also enable us to meet the needs of our customers’ projects. 

Congratulations to these teams for their nomination for the 2022 Public Works Awards, whose engagement and involvement are fully in line with Soletanche Bachy’s environmental ambitions. 

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