Cut-off walls

We are experts in groundwater management.

Soletanche Bachy’s cut-off walls techniques mean we can intervene on all types of structure and every type of soil regardless of its permeability.

injections/ inyecciones/ grouting/ presa/ dam

The presence of water in the ground is one the most complex problems in geotechnics. It can disrupt a work site and render a construction fragile.

The solution is cut-off walls. This ensures the longevity of structures such as dykes or dams. It also allows for the confinement of working zones that might be polluted or to lower the ground water level. This technique can also be used in advance of a tunnel project to limit water infiltration and subsidence.

Soletanche Bachy offers the largest range of cut-off walls solutions on the market, which means it can apply the best-adapted technique for the configuration of your site.

The advantages of Soletanche Bachy

The advantages of Soletanche Bachy

  • Our capacity to provide a solution adapted to your terrain and your project, thanks to our wide portfolio of techniques
  • Our in-house laboratory facilities can develop a grout adapted to the nature of the soil on which your project will be built
  • Cutting-edge expertise in all areas of ground hydrology

Implementation methods