Ground improvement

We ensure the longevity of your structures – even on poor quality soils and in earthquake zones.

Thanks to Soletanche Bachy’s ground improvement expertise, we can change the characteristics of an area of ground to increase its load-bearing capacity.

Deep Soil Mixing process: Trenchmix®

How can you safely build infrastructure destined to bear heavy loads on poor quality soils or in zones subject to seismic risk? Using ground improvement techniques, this is possible.


Our suite of procedures can increase the load-bearing capacity of the soil by introducing materials (gravel, concrete, grout, etc.) or by making it denser through compacting or vibration. Ground improvement techniques can also harmonise differences in load-bearing capacity in different areas on a given site. What’s more, they contribute to limiting subsidence and liquefaction of soils in the case of earthquakes, giving buildings and infrastructure improved resistance to such phenomena.

For projects which require very strong anchoring, like hangars or warehouses, ground improvement can provide an alternative solution that is lighter than deep foundations. But for other projects, notably for structures subjected to extreme loads or stresses, it can be effectively combined with deep foundations to provide the required load-bearing capacity.

Regardless of the constraints and specifications of your construction project, Soletanche Bachy can help you. Thanks to our cutting-edge expertise, we work with you to define the ground improvement solutions best adapted to your project from our portfolio, which is the most extensive on the marketplace.

The advantages of Soletanche Bachy

The advantages of Soletanche Bachy

  • A rapid and easy solution, which can be combined with deep foundations
  • Our capacity to provide a solution adapted to your terrain and your project, thanks to our wide range of techniques
  • Global competence in geotechnics

Implementation methods