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Soletanche Polska is speeding up foundation work at Warsaw’s

Soletanche Polska performs foundation work on segment 7. execution of diaphragm walls in progress – Warsaw’s West station reconstruction


The work has jumped a segment – why?

To this point, the work has been carried out segment by segment. Budimex demolished the existing infrastructure on segments 1,2,3 and 4 (in place of platforms 6,7,8 and 9) then the floor slab was made and work was carried out in both underground and on the above-ground level, reconstructing the platforms and building the roofing. This was followed by the demolition of further platforms 3,4,5 located within segment 5. These platforms are mainly used for long-distance services. The most critical for the residents of the metropolis is the accessibility of the traction located between platforms 1 and 2, which serves the Rapid Urban Rail (SKM). And the Warsaw agglomerative rail (WKD).This area in the design division is classified as segment 6. The contractor decided to move forward with the design and construction work by first implementing segment 7 in order to keep metropolitan connections running smoothly at @Warsaw’s West Railway Station for as long as possible.

Vue du segment 6 avec les quais 1 et 2 en service et travaux sur le segment 7 - Reconstruction de la gare de l'ouest de Varsovie


What is to be executed on segment 7

The main work to be carried out in this area is the execution of diaphragm walls, which are used as a shoring for the excavation during the earthworks, as well as the foundation for the underground walkway to the station hall on level -1 and for the tram tunnel on level -2. In addition to diaphragm walls, we also need to construct a horizontal anti-filtration barrier, which will be carried out in a similar way to the other segments using jet-grouting technology. We will conclude our scope with the execution of strutting using steel struts. This time, similar to the works on segments 1 and 2, the remaining works will be carried out in an open excavation,” explains Marek Wasiluk, Project Manager on behalf of Soletanche Polska.


The excavation of the first slurry wall section on segment 7 took place on 6 July

60% of the diaphragm walls on segment 7 have already been completed.

— I consider the speed of work on this segment to be very good. We are working in shifts. We are not affected by the difficulties we had, for example on segment 5, where trains were running from both sides of the site, making deliveries difficult. Due to the holiday period, the collection of materials carried out smoothly. There are certainly more, collisions that we have to take into account when realising our scope, such as the pedestrian tunnel connecting the two railway stations with the bus station. We started mobilising the slurry wall kit at the end of June and on 6 July we started digging the first section. We now have 60% of the slurry wall scope completed in the area provided. The most sensitive sections in close proximity to the existing underground entrance have yet to be completed,” reports Łukasz Pluta, Works Manager responsible for the execution of the diaphragm wall scope.

From left: Marek Wasiluk, Project Manager on behalf of Soletanche Polska, and Łukasz Pluta, Works Manager supervising the execution of the diaphragm wall scope - Reconstruction of Warsaw’s West Station.


When will work start on segment 6?

In order for geotechnicians to be able to start work on this section, the existing infrastructure must first be demolished and any collisions with the old underground crossing or technological and sanitary connections must be eliminated. Demolition of platforms 1 and 2 began on 29 July. SKM and WKD train traffic has been redirected to other stations. Unless there are any unforeseen circumstances, the planned start of geotechnical work on segment 6 will be in autumn this year (approximately end of September 2023). With the proviso that segment 7 will already be constructed in terms of diaphragm walls. This will greatly speed up the execution of work on the entire facility. Once the main production on segment 6 has been completed and the slab floor, including the platforms, has been reconstructed, rail traffic will be restored and the earthworks and reinforced concrete works will be carried out using the top and down method, which will not affect the flow of rail traffic.

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