Bessac and EBC win a contract for the construction of a storm collector in Toronto, Canada

- Construction of a gravity storm main collector
- Contract of 183.8 million Canadian dollars, or approximately 123.5 million euros

01.10.2021NewsNew contract

In an integrated consortium with the Canadian company EBC, Bessac, Soletanche Bachy’s specialized subsidiary, has won a contract to build a new storm collector for the city of Toronto, named Fairbank Silverthtorn Storm Trunk Sewer System.


The contract, worth $CAD 183.8 million (approximately EUR 123.5 million), provides for the completion of:

  • A gravity storm main collector 4.5 m in diameter and 2.4 km long, built with an earth pressure tunnel boring machine, which will be designed and manufactured by Bessac
  • 10 sections of local collectors 1.8 m in diameter and 1.8 km in total length, built by MTBM pipe jacking
  • An outfall section 1.8 m in diameter and 120 m in length built by open cut
  • A structure to discharge water into the natural environment


The work is planned out over a period of 31 months, also involves the construction of 21 shafts.


This project is part of the City of Toronto’s Basement Flooding Protection Program. It will reduce the impact of heavy rains and sewer backups for more than 4,645 homes and will provide protection against flooding over an area of ​​140 hectares.


gravity storm main collector/ microtunnel