ForSHORE by Rodio Kronsa: building the foundations for Ocean Village in Gibraltar

Rodio Kronsa is joining forces with Roger Bullivant to build the foundations of a new residential area named Ocean Village.


Ocean Village is a residential and leisure development in Gibraltar, with villas, apartments, a pleasure port, business areas, restaurants and a casino. It is within the framework of this new seaside project that a new collaboration with Roger Bullivant started last March. This work is being done by the partners using large diameter self-drilling micropiles and Hi’Drill® perforation technology. The challenge of this project is that these micropiles are used directly from a pontoon, fulfilling all established safety, quality and environmental conditions, as befits a leading company in the sector.

The works are expected to be finished by the end of December 2020.

Micropieux autoperforants / Micropilotes/ micropiles