The Soletanche Bachy management board has 11 members.

Consult their biographies and career paths, and discover a little about their passions and personalities.

General management

Christophe Dauchy


Part of Soletanche Bachy for 30 years, Christophe has known many aspects of the company and worked on countless projects before climbing all the way to the top.

General management

Stéphane Abry

Managing Director

After he built his career with Sogea-Satom (VINCI) and VINCI Construction Grands Projets in numerous parts of the world, notably in Africa and the Middle-East, we are lucky to have Stéphane on board with us since 2016.

General management

Raphaël Mailhe

Executive Vice President in charge of the Administrative and Financial Division

A trader on foreign exchange markets in his former life, it’s the passion of our people for their work and the quality of the human relationships that have kept Raphaël with us for so long.

Serge Borel

Executive Vice President in charge of the Technical, Marketing and Equipment Division

Back within the Group for 15 years now, he spearheads our global engineering, design, innovation, and equipment department.

Executive management

Jean-Luc Gobert

Managing Director - Africa area / Director of Major Projects division

Directior of Major Projects and specialist of international acquisitions, Jean-Luc has been a Soletanche Bachy man for over 30 years.

Executive management

Laurent Lefebvre

Managing Director - Eastern Europe & Turkey area

Managing director of the Eastern and Central Europe, and Middle East areas, Laurent has spent 33 years with us, and still sees each challenge as an opportunity. He is keen on attacking the next technical and innovative project.

Executive management

Philip Hines

Managing Director - UK area

Since the beginning of his career, Philip is proud to have contributed to complex projects, which required acute skills and flawless teamwork, such as Nam Cheong Station in Hong Kong and the Palm in Dubai.

Pierre Guiot du Doignon

Managing Director - Iberoamerica area

In his 32 years with Soletanche Bachy, he has worked on many fascinating projects, including the Bancomer Tower in Mexico City – one of the tallest buildings in the country- and the Minatitlan refinery in the Mexican gulf.

Eric Tournemille

Managing Director - Eurofrance area

Eric has been part of the Group since the late 1980s. Along his career, he has contributed to a lot of projects in France. He has taken various positions, from worksite engineer, operations director, business unit manager to Eurofrance zone Director today (France, Belgium, Switzerland),.

Julien Landrot

Managing Director – Asia Pacific Area

With Soletanche Bachy for over 25 years, Julien has been involved in multiple types of techniques and businesses, from local operations to major projects, always interested in team development, and focuses on creating innovative solutions for his clients.