At Soletanche Bachy, we are passionate about our work, technical challenges, and succesful projects.

Working for Soletanche Bachy means working for a company that delivers on the ground, which offers career development and mobility opportunities and which values the professionalism of each employee, from the machine operator to the mechanic, site manager, and engineer.

It also means benefitting from the strengths of a world leader in foundations and soil technologies: the best equipment on the market, and diverse projects, from small-scale local projects to some of the world’s largest geotechnical sites.

You’ll be at home with Soletanche Bachy

You will benefit from the power of a world leader in foundations and soil technologies

Thanks to its integrated approach, Soletanche Bachy has the right environment to foster technical expertise through its teams dedicated to engineering, equipment, and materials, to provide a 360° offer from design through to delivery.

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Our values as an employer

A shared safety culture

Safety is a core value for Soletanche Bachy, an integral part of the organisation, equipment, procedures, and techniques at all levels of the company. Our collective and individual commitment is based on shared health and safety rules that set the benchmark for excellence.

Manage each worksite like a company

An entrepreneurial spirit and innovation have been part of Soletanche Bachy’s DNA since the start. We are driven by a performance culture: from the site team to the management of each subsidiary, each employee strives to combine operational excellence, technical performance, safety, and profitability.

Diversity as an asset

Diversity of nationalities, diversity of skills, diversity of experience: at Soletanche Bachy, we are proud of the diversity of the men and women who make up our teams. The stamp of our Group, this wealth of experience is a daily reality and a major asset to respond effectively to the wide variety of our clients’ projects worldwide.

Soletanche Bachy France achieved 81/100 in the gender equality index.

Soletanche Bachy International achieved 77/100 in the gender equality index.

Solid teamwork

For Soletanche Bachy, success means succeeding as a team. Our employees are never alone in the face of unexpected challenges, which are part and parcel of our work in the geotechnics field. Thanks to the cohesion, the close contact, and the agility of our organisation, we unite our strengths to better serve our clients.

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Your career at Soletanche Bachy

A global playground

Through its network of subsidiaries in more than 50 territories and its Major Projects division, Soletanche Bachy offers an opportunity to several hundred employees every year in different sectors to carry out foreign missions, either short-term or for a longer period.

Mobility between activities and subsidiaries

The Group has set up many mechanisms for the development and internal promotion of its staff. That is why we encourage movement between subsidiaries and from one sector to another, whether for works, design, equipment, acquisition, or management.

Develop your skills as you go

At Soletanche Bachy, most of our worksite jobs cannot be learned at school. Which is why we give a major place to on-site training, offering our site staff on-the-ground learning opportunities alongside experienced operators, plus innovative learning techniques such as simulators for operating boring machines or a virtual reality training programme to install tunnel linings. Our engineers also benefit from help with the management of various elements for the projects they handle.

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