EXEGY by Soletanche Bachy

Objective: to help you reduce the environmental footprint of your projects

With EXEGY by Soletanche Bachy, we offer a package of materials and services to provide to our client the most suitable low-carbon / Very-low carbon/ Ultra low-carbon foundation concrete and grouts for their project.

With EXEGY by Soletanche Bachy, you benefit from our 30 years of experience in low carbon concrete, but also from our expertise in foundations and soil technologies.


Solution de coulis et de béton bas carbone

The EXEGY offer by Soletanche Bachy

Avec EXEGY by Soletanche Bachy, we offer you our expertise in foundations and soil technologies, and our long experience in low-carbon concrete. Objective: to help you reduce the environmental footprint of your projects.


For this, EXEGY by Soletanche Bachy offers:


Materials with a lower carbon footprint​ suitable for all strength classes

According to the strength class, the specifications and CO2 reduction targets of each project, we can:

  • Supply​ standard low-carbon concrete and grout, using cements and ​substitute binders available on the market (if available in your region)​.


  • Create bespoke formulations​ by recombining the components in a controlled process​, to achieve the level of CO2 reduction required for your project or if no market solutions or binders are available in your region.


Exclusive services to benefit from Soletanche Bachy’s materials expertise

  • Materials laboratory (specification, formulation, testing, etc.)​
  • Procurement (searching for alternative binders in the region)​
  • Supplier relations (identification of low-carbon concretes available on the market)

Low-carbon concrete: What are we talking about?

foundation concrete and grouts

Why choose Soletanche Bachy?

Why choose Soletanche Bachy?

  • Unrivalled experience in France and internationally in the use of low-carbon concrete for foundations
  • An integrated laboratory specialising in the assessment, formulation, technical validation and on-site implementation of low-carbon concrete and grout formulas​
  • Knowledge of local markets
  • A capacity to develop specific mixes with our partners
  • A team of experts to support your project (materials engineers, integrated design offices, method experts, business managers, etc.)

Misconceptions about low-carbon​ solutions

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Did you know?

Between 2012 and 2020,​ Soletanche Bachy used in France:​

  • Low-carbon concretes​ on 50% of its projects
  • Very low-carbon concretes​ on 25% of its projects

A selection of our low-carbon projects EXEGY by Soletanche Bachy

Paroi moulée, pieux, tirants, barrettes, injection, micropieux
To Lyon tower, France Low-carbon concrete Mix used: engineered concrete with CEM I (50%) + slag (50%) + limestone filler

Cement is responsible for 85% of concrete’s CO2 emissions ​although it only accounts for 12% of its composition​. Clinker, its main constituent (produced by firing limestone and clay), ​is responsible for cement’s high carbon footprint due to:

– Heating of cement plant ​ furnaces to 1500°C (1/3)

– ​The chemical reaction that releases carbon during firing (2/3)

Where do concrete’s CO2 emissions come from?