Deep foundations

We ensure maximal strength for your structures.

Soletanche Bachy’s deep foundation solutions draws on techniques adapted to the ground on which your project is built.

Pieu LDA ou pieu Foré
LDA pile

If you are looking to construct a building or infrastructure project, but the bedrock capable of supporting the load of these structures is too deep or too difficult to access, deep foundations are the solution.


A global reference in soil technologies and geotechnics, Soletanche Bachy can lend its expertise to free you of the constraints of the ground. Thanks to our unique range of deep foundation solutions, we can underpin the quality of your constructions, whatever the nature of the soil or the size and type of structure.

Soletanche Bachy is a true global partner for your project, from a small individual house to a major infrastructure project. We can provide all deep foundation techniques, offering you a turnkey solution including initial technical considerations, design-and-build, and monitoring of your project. And thanks to our in-house design office, we can assist you throughout the construction process.

Benefits of Soletanche Bachy

Benefits of Soletanche Bachy

  • A tailored solution adapted to your needs.
  • A turnkey solution: initial considerations, then design-construction through to delivery.
  • An in-house design office to guarantee responsiveness.

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