Civil engineering

We guarantee the optimal design and sizing of your project.

Soletanche Bachy’s civil engineering expertise comprises an integrated offer encompassing foundations and above-ground structures. For us, you can’t have one without the other.

Butons préfabriqués_ port Aguadulce, Colombie
Prefabricated struts

Do you want to optimise the phasing of your project, while at the same limiting the number of contractors involved? We offer turnkey solutions.

The field of application of civil engineering is very wide, involving major work on a range of structures including buildings, maritime structures, transport infrastructure, and so on.

In the process of constructing a car park, a storm basin, a quayside, or a dry dock, one has to consider several factors: the nature of the ground, the load-bearing specifications, the propensity for the soil to move and its level of plastification.

Soletanche Bachy can accompany you throughout your project. Our extensive expertise means we can provide an optimised offer with the right foundations for the civil engineering of your project. We have developed in-house software that draws on all our experience for precision results.

The advantages of Soletanche Bachy

The advantages of Soletanche Bachy

  • A turnkey solution, from design through to delivery
  • In-house software which allows you to design the civil engineering elements, while taking into account external constraints
  • An overall vision of your project, allowing you to optimise its phasing and its process.

Implementation methods