Port of Aguadulce

A project involving some major technical challenges and a strong social element.

deck on pile/ plancher - butons préfébriqués

Buenaventura, Colombia's main Pacific port, is a strategic city. Most of the Andean country's exports and imports pass through it. The port upgrade is a benchmark for progress, competitiveness and sustainability in the entire region.


Buenaventura, Colombia


Sociedad Puerto Industrial Aguadulce (PSA -ICTSI)



General contractor

Soletanche Bachy Cimas - Soletanche Bachy International – ConConcreto

Soletanche Bachy helped achieve the modernisation by working within the SBCC joint venture (Soletanche Bachy Cimas, Soletanche Bachy International and ConConcreto) and designed and built a 600 m long and 45.6 m wide container terminal, with a 165 m long and 14 m wide of trestle, and a 30 m wide platform, for unloading containers.

Several innovations improved the efficiency and quality of the onshore and offshore works, optimised costs and accelerated the construction process (via prefabricated structures). The project worked closely with the local population.