Construction of Hong Kong International Airport’s third runway, China.

Stabilisation of soil using the Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM) method under limited height near the airport’s North runway.


To meet this exponential traffic growth, the airport platform will be equipped with a third runway by reclaiming 650 ha on the sea.


Hong Kong


Hong Kong International Airport


Mott Mc Donald / Arup

General contractor

Bachy Soletanche Group Limited (BSGL), Sambo E&C

The immediate vicinity to the airport and the safety requirements prohibiting the use of equipment over 5 m high make all the more complex works that must be carried out without ever interrupting the airport activity. Only the installation of the panels closest to the runway will require special night operations once the runways are closed. Moreover, most of these works will be carried out from barges, by sea, with CSM rigs especially designed by all the project stakeholders and thanks to the decisive know-how of Soletanche Bachy’s Equipment Division and Eurofrance’s Equipment Division (SME), TEC System and the Korean experts from Sambo E&C. 16 rigs should be mobilised every day, during every phase of the site and 24/24.

This CSM operation is the most important ever carried out not only by BSGL, but also by the Soletanche Bachy group.

It consists in the implementation of 80,000, 2.8 x 1.2 m panels, between 15 and 20 m deep, through marine deposits and loose alluvium. These operations have required numerous trials, borings and samplings.