We tap into our full range of solutions for your tunnel project, from design through to construction and remediation.

Soletanche Bachy teams carry out specialist excavation work and install tunnel linings using traditional and mechanised methods.

Traditional tunnel (Soletanche Bachy Tunnels)

Digging tunnels is a specialist activity, involving major works that are often complex and take a great deal of time.


Tunnels require specific methods and equipment, plus in-depth knowledge of geotechnics. Through its specialised subsidiaries, Bessac and Soletanche Bachy Tunnels, Soletanche Bachy can take care of the entire chain of creation and remediation for underground infrastructure. In terms of design-build, our offer comprises:

  • Excavation carried out by a tunnel boring machine (TBM) or using traditional methods
  • Tunnel lining
  • Specialist related works

To adapt to the needs of each project, we design and build our own TBMs.

The advantages of Soletanche Bachy

The advantages of Soletanche Bachy

  • Two specialised subsidiaries, offering complementary expertise for tailored tunnels, adapted to the different nature of the ground and the external environment
  • The ability to handle all types of tunnel, whatever the diameter, using traditional or mechanised methods
  • We are the only company in the sector which is both designer-constructor of both tunnels and TBMs

Implementation methods