COVID-19: Soletanche Bachy implements strict sanitary measures to support the reopening of worksites

Following closure or slowdown in several countries, Soletanche Bachy’s activities are gradually resuming thanks to the collective work of our employees. Everyone’s safety is a priority for the Group. That is why, to make this recovery possible under the best conditions and to tackle COVID-19, we have implemented strict sanitary and preventive measures on worksites, in workshops and in offices.


In many Soletanche Bachy subsidiaries, the time has come to return to work, following periods of total or partial lockdown due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Safety is a priority for the Group, implemented at every level of our companies – in organisation, equipment, processes and technology. This is why Soletanche Bachy has implemented strict sanitary and preventive measures to combat COVID-19, in order to resume activity under conditions guaranteeing the preservation of everyone’s health and safety. These measures were defined and applied in accordance with guidelines within the profession, from the OPPBTP in France, for example, and from VINCI Construction.

To minimise the risks associated with COVID-19, the following precautions are being taken on worksites and in Soletanche Bachy’s offices:

  • Specific analysis of the health risk on each worksite and associated prevention/protection measures.
  • Recommendation for each employee to wear a mask (mandatory for operations where the safety distance cannot be maintained). A protective shield for protection against rain is in progress.
  • Presence of COVID-19 appointed person for all worksites, workshops and offices. Their role is to monitor the situation relating to COVID-19, to manage stocks of PPE and hygiene equipment, to ensure the correct application of measures on site, to convey information about COVID-19 to employees (transmission methods, symptoms, training in wearing masks, gloves, cleaning of equipment, etc. and review of operations) and to respond to any questions from employees.
  • Review of pedestrian routes, worksite amenity areas, changing rooms, meetings to limit interactions and ensure compliance with distancing.
  • Provision of contact-free water points (water, soap and paper towels) in different areas of the worksite and alcohol-based sanitiser gels close to site facilities (provision of gels in individual bottles for all employees).
  • Review of transport protocols, loading/unloading and application of these rules by our subcontractors and service providers.
  • Provision of disinfectant sprays and paper towels or wet-wipes for cleaning communal areas, collective equipment and personal workstations several times a day and before/after use.
  • Weekly verification round of the measures in place and associated check-list by the COVID-19 appointed person,
  • Pre-start audit on each worksite to verify that all measures are in place and equipment is available before any restart of operations (QSE & field teams).


Thank you to all the Soletanche Bachy group’s teams for their commitment and determination! Together, we will continue to work throughout this pandemic to optimise the health and safety of all of our employees.

COVID-19 : Soletanche Bachy met en place des mesures sanitaires strictes pour accompagner la reprise des chantiers