We are the world leader in foundations and soil technologies.

Soletanche Bachys teams develop innovative, high-performance solutions for deep foundations, retaining structures, reinforcing, and geotechnical infrastructure for all types of structures.


Soletanche Bachy works alongside you as a general contractor or specialist subcontractor.


Our expertise in the full spectrum of geotechnical procedures allows us to offer the design, construction, remediation, and commissioning of all types of structure: tunnels, roads, airports, dams, rail and maritime infrastructure, and residential and industrial buildings.

Our driving goal: offer the best global performance for our clients' geotechnical works, on all our markets



4,000 projects per year

When you entrust your project to us, you are guaranteed to benefit from the advantages of the world leader :


The most complete geotechnical offer on the market.

A wide range of innovative materials and equipment to best meet your needs.

An unequalled technical experience, built over nearly 100 years.

A local presence and global expertise as close as possible to your projects.

Operational excellence, for an impeccable level of quality.

Passionate teams, to meet the challenges of your projects.

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1.6 billion in turnover

Soletanche Bachy technical department takes an on-the-ground approach to develop the best solutions for our clients projects.

We have firm links in your territories to better respond to your needs and understand your projects.


Soletanche Bachy has divisions in 50 countries, through a network of 80 subsidiaries and local agencies operating in 60 countries.

Our Major Projects division works alongside our local subsidiaries on five continents to handle large-scale projects or those with high geotechnical complexity.

The expertise of an international group, wherever you are

Innovation is in our DNA

We are pioneers since our inception.

Soletanche Bachy has developed numerous disruptive innovations in the field of ground technologies and foundations. Thanks to our R&D, study and design capabilities, we create tailored machines and procedures to ensure the success of your construction projects with major geotechnical elements. The Group’s network of specialist engineers continues to innovate to respond to the new challenges faced by our clients, such as digital or big data.

A history of innovation and pioneers


In France, Pierre Bachy founds the Bachy company, which becomes SIF – Entreprise Bachy a few years later


Ernest Ischy and Henri Giron join SEC (Sondages – Étanchements – Consolidation)


Cheurfas dam in Algeria: use of 1,000 tonne prestressed anchors to raise the dam


Ernest Ischy and Henri Giron acquire SEC, which becomes Solétanche in 1948


Serre-Ponçon dam in France: development of the sleeve pipe to grout alluvial soils


Marckolsheim hydroelectric plant in France: the diaphragm wall is employed for the first time


The Hydrofraise® is used for the first time to build a diaphragm wall at the Gare de Lyon train station in Paris


Mud Mountain Dam in the United States: the panels of the cut-off wall penetrate very hard blocks of andesite and some panels exceed a depth of 100 metres


Solétanche and Bachy merge to form Soletanche Bachy


Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Jumeirah projects in Dubai: 135 million cubic metres of soil treated by vibro-flotation


Soletanche Freyssinet is founded, bringing together Soletanche Bachy, Menard, Terre Armée, Freyssinet, Nuvia and today Sixense


West Island Line, subway (Hong Kong): Deployment of a Tunnel Dismantling Machine (TDM), specially built by Bessac, which enables the dismantling of an existing tunnel


Design and manufacture of the Hydrofraise® with grabs. A solution for deep excavation in very hard rock (resistance greater than 100MPa)


Third runway at Hong Kong international airport: the world’s biggest Soil Mixing operation to date


Grand Paris Express (France): World record for the installation of a CWS® joint at a depth of 74 meters

Our values

Our values

  • A shared safety culture, always-on, on all our sites
  • An entrepreneurial spirit, based on autonomy and empowerment
  • A quest for operational and technical excellence on each project
  • The drive to put innovation at the heart of our solutions
  • Responsiveness to client needs at all times




Our management





Meet the members of Soletanche Bachys board of management, including biographies.

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Safety is a key value for Soletanche Bachy. Across our structures, equipment, processes and techniques, safety is integrated at all levels of our companies. Our collective and individual commitment is based on shared health and safety rules that define rigorous standards to progress towards excellence.